Country Music

Base in Memphis, TN, Lucero is known for their amazing ability to weave soul, rock, and country in a way that brings people straight to the heart of Memphis. They started in the late nineties, and since then have released eleven albums, including several live albums. The secret to their success, according to the band, is that none of them knew how to play their instruments when they first started the band. This allowed them to experiment with sound and find the sound that was purely their own.

Florida Georgia Line is a famed and successful American country duo from Nashville, Tennessee. It was formed in 2010.

This magic started when Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley met through a campus worship group at Belmton University. They gained a good popularity by playing at local clubs. As Kelly was from Florida and Hubbard was from Georgia, they named the duo as “Florida Georgia Line”.

Garth Brooks has been a strong figure in the world of country music for many years, making his debut in 1985. The 1980’s might not seem like that long ago in the grand scheme of things, but chances are, you know Garth Brooks as a household name.

Randy Houser is a country music artist and lyricist of America. He Signed for Universal South Records back in the year 2008, he came up with the single “Anything Goes”.

Lee Brice is an American country singer and songwriter. He was born Kenneth Mobley Brice, Jr. in South Carolina. You should aim to see Lee play live as soon as soon as possible.

Brett Eldredge, is creating masterpieces from everyday experience and normalcy. His style entrances the soul and his voice makes him an instantly recognizable artiste in Country music.