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Based in Memphis, TN, Lucero is known for their amazing ability to weave soul, rock, and country in a way that brings people straight to the heart of Memphis.  They started in the late nineties, and since then have released eleven albums, including several live albums.  The secret to their success, according to the band, is that none of them knew how to play their instruments when they first started the band.  This allowed them to experiment with sound and find the sound that was purely their own.

They keep their tours mostly to the Unites States and Canada, and since the year 2001, they have played nearly two hundred shows per year across the country.  Their hardworking mentality claims devoted and loyal fans from all ages and locations.  More often than not, the band is on tour, clocking in numbers that show they tour for more days than they have off.

Lucero is one of the few bands that still has all the original members in the band.  The band claims this is rare, and has forced them to become very close to one another—much like a family.  Without this bond, they would never be able to make the kind of music they are able to create with the kind of passion they bring to the table.  The members of the band are:

  • Ben Nichols – (Guitar and vocals) Nicholas previously played in Red 40, where he played with Colin Brooks and Steve Krooms.
  • Roy Berry – (Drums) Before Lucero, Berry was part of another Memphis-based band called The Simple Ones.  He’s currently also half of an experimental duo called Overjoid.
  • John C. Stubblefield – (Bass) Stubblefield has recorded with a great number of artists such as North Mississippi Allstars, BigAssTruck (Sack Lunch EP), and Jim Dickinson.  He also co-produced Hill Country Revue’s 2010 album Zebra Ranch.
  • Brian Venable – (Guitar)
  • Rick Steff – (Piano, organ, accordion) In addition to Lucero, Steff has recorded with Hank Williams Jr., Cat Power and Dexy’s Midnight Runners, as well as many others.
  • Todd Gill – Substituted for Brian Venable from 2003 – 2004

In 2008, the band signed a four album deal with Universal Music Group, which released the first album, 1372 Overton Park, in 2009.  It was the very first album to feature a horn section.  Though this relationship was short-lived, Lucero released another album in 2012 by ATO Records.  Their music continued to use more of the horn section that was started in their first album, as well as adding in keyboard, gospel chorus and pedal steel guitars.

Their music has been featured in the popular TV shows such as The Walking Dead, and a show called $5 Cover, in which Nicholas co-starred.  A Lucero performance was featured in the trailer for this series.  Their music has also been featured in the film Mud, which came out in 2012 and was written and directed by Jeff Nichols, brother of Ben Nicholas.

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