STS9 - Soundtribe Sector 9

STS9 – Soundtribe Sector 9

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STS9 is an abbreviation of the band Sound Tribe Sector 9. They’re an instrumental band heavily influenced by instrumental rock, funk, jazz, electronic music, psychedelic sounds, and hip hop. They come from Georgia in the United States and have described their own music as “post-rock dance music.” Listeners can look forward to tracks that mix live rock instrument sounds with electronics, which favor the rhythm of the group over any individual sounds. In January of 2014, bassist and founding member David Murphy announced that he was leaving the band. Alana Rocklin was recruited to replace him, and played her first full set with the band in March of that same year.

The band was formed in the late 90’s in Atlanta, and since then has accomplished a great number of successes both musically and socially. They’re nearly always ranked high on the top touring charts in the country and consistently recruit huge turnouts in each city they perform in. They’ve opened for several well-known bands and performers throughout the years, such as Outkast, NAS, Snoop Dogg, and Pretty Lights.

In addition to smaller concerts, STS9 has a significant presence in the music festival scene. For example, they’ve participated and headlined stages at Moogfest, The Outside Lands, Lollapalooza, Electric Forest Festival, and Wakarusa.

To date, they’ve released eleven albums, two remix albums and multiple live DVDs. All of their releases have been under their own label, 1320 Records. This record label was originally created under the principles of cooperation, collaboration and community. These foundations are most seen in the money their label has raised for a great number of charities and social work. They’ve proudly released over 1,000 releases from over one hundred different artists.

Alongside their music, STS9 values social work and giving back. They’ve done a great number of events that benefit charities over the years, such as partnering with a huge amount of non-profit organizations during their time as a band. Over the last decade alone, there have been countless instances of their charitable work. For example, they joined forces with Conscious Alliance in order to bring food drives to different concerts and festivals while they were on tour. In exchange for fans participating in the cause, STS9 and Conscious Alliance gifted them with limited edition posters and merchandise. On the same vein, in 2005, they threw a benefit concert where they were able to raise over $20,000 for Hurricane Katrina victims.

Their work hasn’t just been social though. In 2006, they turned their attention to the environment and road around on their tour in a carbon neutral van. They powered their concerts using only renewable energy, and donated money in order to offset 100% of their carbon emissions during their tour.

Though STS9 has had numerous musical successes and continues to take the national and international music scene by storm, fans follow them for more than just their sounds. They’re a force of nature within their own field, and also along side the charities that have devoted their time and resources to making the world a better place for many individuals.

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