Blink 182 Discount Tickets Available Here

Blink 182 Discount Tickets Available Here

Here are the latest tour dates for Blink-182:

Blink-182 from San Diego, California are a rock band from America. The band gained fame as Blink, because of its notorious toilet humour and high energy live shows. However, later on upon threats of legal actions, from an Irish band of the same name, were received the band renamed it as Blink-182. Since its debut “Cheshire Cat”, the band is traveling far and wide due to its highly-liked performance.

Current Band Members

  • Mark Hoppus (Guitar)
  • Travis Barker (Drum)
  • Matt Skiba (Guitar)

Former Band Members

  • Scott Raynor (Drum)
  • Tom DeLonge (Guitar)

Former Touring Members

  • Byron McMackin (Drum)
  • Josh Freeze (Drum)
  • Damon DeLaPaz (Drum)
  • Brooks Wackerman (Drum)

Formation and Early Stages

The throwing out of Tom DeLonge from school resulted in him thinking of making up a band, which people will love later. At his second high school, he joined the drummer Scott Raynor and, through an acquaintance, come to know Mark Hoppus, who later had to take the position of Guitarist in his band.

During these early meetings, the track “Carousel” was put together. First, few years took the band to perform in clubs, just to spread their claimed antidrug message. Moving from clubs to a circuit and even into Soma, which welcomed all sort of artists, the band managed to release its first album, Buddha.

Live Performances

If we look at the debut of the album “Cheshire Cat” which was mainly released in February 1995, we can see that it was done under the supervision of Cargo Records. The album made very little commercial success but gained the band its loyal fans. The band soon became able to hire a manager of their own, Rick DeVoe, who helped them in gaining the attention of Rick and Jean Bonde. The debut helped them signing their first national tour for Taylor Steele’s surf video GoodTimes.

The band started its musical journey from live performances at the local level, and they have succeeded in buying the hearts of their audiences in live shows throughout its career. The jokes, music and lyrics are all the qualities, Blink-182 qualifies for. The band is known over the continents, for its mischievous lyrics and state-of-the-art performance. Wherever they perform, they get a house full of their listeners, jumping up and down with beats.

The truth is watching a live performance is far more wonderful than listening at your home on your same old computer. Even if you are watching a recorded live performance on your HD screen TV, the experience is incomparable to the live performance at a concert near your dwelling.

Band Reviews

As we all are a fan of Blink-182’s notorious performance history, we know that the band is enjoyed by thousands of fans apart from us. Let us see what some other fans of the band have to say about it.

Lara from San Diego, CA, comments that the concert is so much full of life, it takes the audience to the youth era of Blink-182. They have the talent to engage the crowd with their live, audience-focused performance.

Yasu T from Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA, comments that they were regretting the decision to buy the concert tickets, not being real fans anymore of the band. However, when they did go to the concert they came back with a big smile on their face.

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