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Def Leppard

Def Leppard are a joy to see live. Here are the latest tour dates for Def Leppard:

It all started in the year of 1977 when the New Wave of British Heavy Metal arrived London. Three boys in their teenage;  Rick Savage, Tony Kenning and Pete Willis were aliening their music talent as “Atomic Mass”. These schoolboys are auditioning other teens for the guitarist position they have. Joe Elliott meet them as a guitarist, get auditioned and instead of being selected as a guitarist, he was liked by the former members as a lead singer. Later in their journey of producing high-quality heavy metal music, they changed their name from “Atomic Mass” to Deaf Leopard which gained popularity as Def Leppard, later on.

“On Through the Night” was the first full-length release of the band in the second year of its banding. With this release, the band began to be highlighted as a British style of music. The band succeeded in making its impact as a British sound while keeping its style focused on heavy metal.

Former members

Tony Kenning (Drum)
Pete Willis (Guitar)
Steve Clark (Guitar)

Current Members

Rick Savage (Guitar)
Joe Elliott (Guitar)
Rick Allen (Drum)
Phil Collen (Guitar)
Vivian Campbell (Guitar)

Moving along, the band went through a path of many highly-loved albums, like “High n’ Dry”, “Pyromania”, “Hysteria”, “Adrenalize” and “Def Leppard”. Most popular of these was “Hysteria” which is yet praised by the fans of Def Leppard.

1980’s was the time when the band was highly known due to its heavy metal style. The time saw the musicians as leaders of New Wave of British Heavy Metal. The band was, at a point in its career, accused of sold out to America, however, it kept its loyal British heavy metal and hard rock fans.

In the music of Def Leppard you will find a mixture of hard rock, pop, heavy metal and AOR. The music plays melodic guitar riffs and multi-layered harmonic vocals. Their third album “Pyromania” makes the basis on which 1980’s pop-metal movement started. The band is sometimes associated with glam metal. However, Def Leppard doesn’t officially accept this association.

The new release of the band, which surfaced in 2015, takes the name of the band itself. Like its previous albums, the new release has also reach skies. The fans in the US only have taken pride in buying over 30, 000 copies of the album. What’s so special in it? Well, the name Def Leppard in itself is special. However, to take the smatters to a higher level, the band has compiled all its art and its journey into one single album. You can see through its tracks the time of three decades played in a mind blowing way.

We can say that the album is not just an album; rather it is the history of Def Leppard fame and hardships. Combining its conventional styles with modern, audience-friendly tracks, the album is a satisfaction for both new and old of its fans.

Through the entire album, the band is moving in and out of their past glory. The Lepps are interested in giving their audience something new to enjoy. At the same time, however, they are clinging to their past flavor of music style.

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