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Dr. Dog brings 1990’s lo-fi rock music to life, even today. Originally formed in West Grove, Pennsylvania, the members of Dr. Dog have always taken the music seriously, but themselves? Maybe not so much. All of the band members have a specific nickname, all of them starting with the letter ‘T.’ If that doesn’t let you know that this is a group of guys you want to hang out with, nothing will. While their roots are less-than-polished, and their first couple albums capture a lo-fi sound, Dr. Dog has, in recent years, become a professional-sounded group to be reckoned with. That is, in the studio.

That polished sound doesn’t have to carry over into their live shows, because that’s when they can truly shine, and be the fun-loving rock band they have been since 1999. Their indie rock sound gets influence from some of the absolute greats, including the Beatles and the Beach Boys (again, if that doesn’t tell you how fun they are, what does?).

Using words like psychedelic, whimsical, and playful to describe their own music and tours, Dr. Dog takes on indie rock in a fun, exciting way, that doesn’t seem so serious and looming, the way the genre can often be. Instead of trying to depress audiences into searching desperately into a song’s deeper meaning, they want to make music that is fun for them, and fun for the people listening during their live shows. Perhaps Scott McMicken, one of the band’s original members, puts it best when he regarded the sound of their new album, “Back when Scott and I first started making music together, we just recorded and recorded constantly – just for our own pleasure, not even to try to get shows or anything. Making this album felt like that again. It was like we were just putting a bunch of tunes together, just to have a good time.”

By the way, that’s a quote directly from Dr. Dog’s website, where, if you still aren’t convinced these guys are fun, you should check out.

With whimsical wordplay, uplifting and catchy melodies, and rhythms you won’t be able to get out of your head, or keep from dancing to, Dr. Dog is indie rock’s mischievous little brother in the best way possible, adding just enough fun to the entire genre to keep it feeling original and fresh, even with a simple, pure, practically retro-sound that somehow still fits perfectly into today’s musical world.

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