Marina and the Diamonds

Marina and the Diamonds

Marina and the Diamonds

Marina and the Diamonds is actually a one-woman Welsh singer with a London background who, somehow, surprised the world by seemingly appearing out of nowhere to great success. Once you hear her music, though, that success might not seem so surprising. Marina has been a UK hit since 2009, with her eclectic mix of indie pop and new wave styles. After a string of hit singles appearing on the UK singles chart, and albums that were experimental enough to keep people coming back for more, Marina and the Diamonds has proven to be a breath of fresh air for listeners all over the world. Her worldwide success was inevitable, and kept moving forward further in 2015, when her album, “Froot,” entered the top ten in the United States’ Billboard 200 Charts.

For a girl who has drawn influence from everyone from Dolly Parton to the Spice Girls, it’s no wonder Marina’s music appeals to a wide variety of people. Her approachable, fun ‘vintage’ fashion sense and the way her songs actually depict human characterization is even more appealing, drawing comparisons to artists like Regina Spektor, and even Annie Lennox.

What has always been the most appealing aspect to Marina and the Diamonds, however, might be the way she reaches people, especially through her live shows. She truly has the perfect storm of relatability: Her eclectic style makes people feel comfortable and loose, her musical melodies are fun and easy to move to, and her lyrics are direct reflections of human culture. Marina also appeals to a diverse audience, due to both her role as a self-labeled feminist, and human rights activist. It’s estimated that more than half of her regular audience is made up of gay people, and she is considered to be somewhat of a ‘gay icon.’

Haven’t heard of Marina and the Diamonds? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. However, that seems to only continue to add to her overall appeal – the mystery behind the woman, and the music. Marina has always valued being somewhat of an outsider in the industry, and rather than breaking through to the masses, she has instead seen success through a sort of strong cult following. It has consistently been her live shows that draw more and more people to her unique style of music, with catchy beats and powerful lyrics. While Marina continues to break into the United States, and other areas of the world, it’s undeniable that her ‘cult following’ will continue to grow to worldwide appeal. Don’t be surprised if Marina becomes more of a household name than ever in the coming years, and her live shows continue to pack more and more people. IF you haven’t seen Marina and the Diamonds live yet, you’re in for an experience like never before once you do.

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