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New Found Glory

New Found Glory – Bio

New Found Glory or NFG is an American punk-pop band. They are from South Florida. The band has four active members and they are Jordan Pundik as the vocalist, Chad Gilbert as the guitarist, Ian Grushka as bassist and Cyrus Bolooki as the drummer. NFG is also known as the International superheroes of Hardcore. So far, NFG has released 8 full solo and a half studio album. The last and the latest album “Ressurection” was released in 2014.


In 1997, NFG was first formed in Florida. Now they are based in California. Firstly, New Found Glory was formed with Jordan Pudnik as the vocalist, Chad Gilbert and Steve Klein as two guitarists, Grushka as the bassist and Joe Moreno in the drum. Later time, Moreno was replaced by Cyrus Bolooki after their first album release.

Album Releases

New Found Glory had their first recorded EP called It’s All About Girls under the Fiddler Records back in 1997. Their live performance was so much enthusiastic and kind of homoerotic which caused huge sales of their whole EP. NFG had successfully made a huge fan base through that live show. The first album Nothing Gold Can Stay was released in by the recording company Eulogy Recordings. The album was able to catch a large number of fan follower at that time which makes the album popular. Drive-thru Recording company re-released the album in 1999. Later time, NFG made a distribution deal with Drive-thru recording company and then they moved to with MCA records.

With MCA, NFG released their album with a self-titled name. The album was released in 2000. The album was successful to make their place in 107th on the list of the top billboard chart of 200 albums. The hit single “Hit and Miss” from that album had made the 15th place on the list of US Modern Rock Chart. In 2002, another cover album From the Screen to the Stereo made the top 40 HeartSeeker list. Their fifth album Coming Home was released back in 2006 and it was also a big hit album from NFG. After a big success of their 2000’s album From the Screen to the Stereo, NFG was highly inspired by their fan to release another version of the album. They did it finally. In 2007, NFG released the second version of that album “From the Screen to the Stereo part-II”. “Radiosurgery” was the seventh album of NFG which came into the market in 2011 and finally, the 8th and the last album was released in 2014. NFG released first ever live album “Kill It Live” back in 2013.

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This is a full bio and the detailed information about New Found Glory. They are very famously known band in the United State of America and they have also made a huge fan base in many parts of the world.

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