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NOFX is an American rock/punk band from San Francisco, California, incepted in 1983 in Los Angeles. Fat Mike (vocalist/bassist) and Eric Melvin (guitarist) created the band. Erik Sandin (drummer) joined the fray a little while later. El Hefe (lead guitarist) joined in 1991 joined to complete the present lineup.
They marketed their self-titled opening EP “NOFX,” on Mystic Records in 1985, which was again released in 1992 as a major aspect of the, “Maximum Rock-n-roll,”. NOFX recorded “Liberal Animation,” along with Brett Gurewitz of the band Bad Religion. The album was then released again with the label Epitaph Records. The band marketed their second studio album, “S&M Airlines,” through Epitaph in 1989. The band rose to reputation in 1994 with, “Punk in Drublic.” “Punk in Drublic” is NOFX’s best album to date, positioning at #12 on Billboard’s Heatseekers diagram. The collection was later ensured gold in the wake of support from Los Angeles-based radio station KROQ, which played the tune, “Allow It to sit Unbothered.”

NOFX’s standard achievement was implied by a developing enthusiasm for punk rock amid the 1990s. However, unlike their peers like Bad Religion, The Offspring and Green Day, they have never been signed to a noteworthy label. NOFX has released twelve albums, fifteen plays and various seven-inch singles. Their most recent studio collection, Self Entitled, was released on the market on September 11 of 2012. The band has sold more than 8 million records around the world.
The band’s sound is different, using components of skate punk, punk rock, ska punk, melodic hardcore and other music kinds. Its later songs frequently concentrate on issues, for example, left wing governmental issues and insurgency, society, prejudice, sexism, homophobia, class imbalances, the utilization of drugs, religion and media. The band has songs that range long from under a minute to over eighteen minutes.

The band NOFX is well known for pulling off astounding feats in front of audience. They generally pick wonderful venues. They often utilize this special thought of revolving the stage to avoid from downtime between sets. They are very popular for their extraordinary music line up. They have this quality of holding the people listen and make the most of their music.

They bring back their old school punk style to the mass people with energetic tracks from their catalogue of songs. They have this “power punk” or “arena punk,” vibe to their sound, yet positively, if that bodes well. Furthermore, they appeared to have turned out to be much faster with their age! NOFX’s concerts feel like they are like parties! They are hundred percent-unadulterated fun, and if you say that you aren’t having an incredible time, there is something actually wrong with you!

If you’ve never seen a NOFX concert, there is a ton of chitchat going on! In the middle of jokes and comments to the cost of band members, stars (a similarity was made between Fat Mike’s dress and Lenny Kravitz’s malfunction of clothes) and audiences, the laughs of the people around didn’t stop. Possibly that is another inspiration behind why their live shows feel like full scale parties; they are so enjoyable in front of an audience and make you feel like they are totally available to anybody in the crowd. The songs go from a moderate to a large blazing track of sorrow and anger. That is in actual attraction of the punk rock.

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