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From opera houses to dance clubs, and from festivals to theaters, Purity Ring has found a way to capitalize on a genre of music not many people may be familiar with, and truly make it their own to the point where they can play just about anywhere and make a genuine connection with the people listening. Not many bands can say that, and a band made of just two people? It’s a nearly impossible feat that this Canadian duo has seemingly mastered in their short career so far.

Purity Ring was formed in 2010, in Alberta Canada, and features members Megan James and Corin Roddick. Both had experience in bands prior to coming together, but their previous musical endeavors were nothing like the music they’re making together today. Stylistically, Purity Ring’s music falls under the genre of ‘Future Pop,’ with an eclectic mix of electronic sounds and pure, simple vocals that come together to form a unique experience you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

While James and Roddick have two studio albums under their belt (2011 and 2015), and have seen success from those very records, it is the live show, or rather, the live experience that comes from seeing Purity Ring that has really put them on the map. There are many different ways in which this duo stands out from the crowd, and somehow, they’ve managed to keep themselves under the radar enough so their efforts to be different don’t make them seem condescending or unapproachable by new potential fans in any way. On the contrary, experiencing a live Purity Ring show brings people together through the music and the theatrics that go along with it.

From top to bottom, Purity Ring is a very ‘do it yourself’ type of band. Megan makes their costumes for performances, from initial design to sewing them together herself, so every single one is completely one-of-a-kind. The creativity continues to grow from there. While both members of Purity Ring know how to play different instruments, Roddick actually developed an entirely new instrument of his own to use during live shows; a custom-built instrument that somewhat resembles a ‘tree,’ and takes care of both music and lighting at the same time for the duo. If the prospect of curiosity toward that instrument doesn’t get you intrigued enough to check out Purity Ring for yourself, then take a listen to their music before seeing them live – either way, you won’t be disappointed when you fall into the sounds of this incredibly unique, original duo that is really making waves in the world of electronic music.

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