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Reel Big Fish

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Reel Big Fish – Bio

In 1992, Reel Big Fish band was first formed in California, USA. Currently there are 5 members in the band and they are Aaron Barrett as the guitarist and the lead vocalist, Billy Kottage as the backing vocalist and the trombone, Matt Appleton as the Saxophonist and vocalist, Edward Larsen as the drummer and backing vocalist, John Christianson as the backing vocalist and trumpet, Derek Gibbs as the bass guitarist.

Debut and Albums

In 1995, RBF released their first album named “Everything Sucks”. The album was a big underground hit at that time. The popularity of the first album led them to make their first deal with the Indie label recording studio called Mojo recordings.

In 1996, Reel Big Fish released their second successful album “Turn the Radio Off”. The album brought them tremendous fame and success and made the band one of the top underground band in the United State of America. After the success of the album, the band had started their official tour. However, the touring was inside the USA. They have released another single album “Sell Out” has also made a place in the US top chart successfully. This album has brought the band into the mainstream level like MTV. In 1998, they released another album “Why to Do They Rock so Hard?” which was not a big hit unfortunately. In 2002, Reel Big Fish release their album “Cheer Up”. The genre of the album was kind of rock-pop mixed. However, their previous albums were based on ska punk. They tried to move on to the rock and pop stage through the album. At that time, the song “Where Have You been?” had earned bit success on the mainstream stage. The next studio album they have released was “We’re Not Happy Until You’re Not Happy” in 2005. In 2006 they have released a Live album and the name was pretty funny. The name was “Our Live Album is Better Than Your Live Album”. Sounds pretty funny right? The following album had 2 discs where they have recorded few tunes and some covers of famous songs.

RBF also worked on BASEketball soundtrack and also covered the song Take On Me by A-Ha. In 2006, they have moved apart from the recording company Jive Records. The reason of their spit-up was quite upset. Jive had released a “Best Of” album of RBF without any permission. RBF made some campaign to tell their fans not to buy that album. But the damages was already done by the time. So, RBF decided to spit-up with Jive Records.

In 2007, RBF released an album titled “Monkeys For Nothing and Chimps For Free”. They added some old and previously released songs into that album. The album ”Fame, Fortune and Fornication” came into the market in 2009. In 2012, the last and the latest album was titled as “Candy Coated Fury” came out.
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