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Pop punk is alive and well when it comes to The Story So Far, formed in 2007 in Walnut Creek, California. With three studio albums under their belt, The Story So Far brings an energy and refreshing change of pace to the world of pop punk music, that can sometimes feel ‘shifty’ in its own genre, and encompass sounds that some simply don’t think belong. Essentially, they aren’t more ‘pop’ than ‘punk,’ and aren’t more ‘punk’ than ‘pop.’ Rather, the guys in The Story So Far came together with musical ambitions, rather than an undying need for necessary success.

They would likely be quickly to tell you that’s the entire point of the pop punk genre, and have credited bands like Green Day and Blink 182 for their initial inspiration into the world of this musical style. If you look at the similarities between the bands, you’ll see where The Story So Far fits right in. There is a sense of simplicity that goes along with their music that has proven to be extremely refreshing, and almost revolutionary in the genre. While they’ve been compared to (and have shared stages with) bands like New Found Glory, Less Than Jake, and Man Overboard, where The Story so far differs from other pop punk bands is in that brilliant simplicity.

On their albums, you can practically feel the passion coming through each and every note, and it’s clear their focus is on telling a story that will connect with their audiences, no matter the age or current situation of the listener. By keeping the music itself stylistically simple, and very much a part of the ‘roots’ of punk music, it gives the band the opportunity to shine through their storytelling and the messages they’re trying to convey.

Of course, we all know studio albums only go so far, and for a pop punk band, fans know there is nothing quite like experiencing a live performance. That storytelling The Story So Far works so hard on is brought to life when they’re on stage, capturing the attention of every single person in the audience, whether the crowd is singing along to each word, bouncing up and down to the heart-pounding rhythms, feeling the heart-wrenching emotions coming from the lyrics, or dancing along to the uplifting riffs and melodic choruses, it’s clear that the band and their fans have a special connection, and it’s no wonder why. The Story So Far makes their live shows more like a community event, rather than a concert where they are playing to people, and from the response they get from their crowds, it’s clear that community disposition works extremely well for them.

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