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Formed in 2006 in Cincinnati, OH, Walk The Moon has experienced quite the ride in their ten years together. If the name sounds familiar, you probably know them from their smash hit single, “Shut Up And Dance.” It’s okay if it gets stuck in your head…again! But Walk The Moon has roots that go so much deeper than that particular single, starting out as an Alternative band with limited radio airplay. Once they were signed to RCA Records in 2012 and released their first label album, the band really began to come into their own, deciding what it was they wanted their fans, and those who may not know about them, to hear through their music. So, what was that?

The energy and vibe they gave off during their live shows.

Currently, Walk The Moon is typically described as a new wave/rock band, though the artistic style they bring to their music can put them in a category all their own, and because they began with alternative roots, that very style carries over for a lot of original fans, allowing them to mingle with new listeners who might appreciate the more upbeat popularity the band has experienced in the past couple of years.

Since their rise to fame with “Shut Up And Dance,” Walk The Moon’s music has been featured on commercials, television shows, and they’ve given performances on live television, before major sporting events, etc. It’s clear to anyone who’s heard the name that as a band, they’ve essentially ‘made it.’ Still, their passion to convey their music as an energetic catalyst for their live performances hasn’t gone away.

If you think a song like “Shut Up And Dance” or “Work This Body” get stuck in your head easily, or you can’t stop singing along with them, consider how it feels to actually be a part of a Walk The Moon show. That infectious energy carries through entire concerts, where the crowds are singing along to every single word, people are dancing, jumping around, and having a great time. Walk The Moon’s positive energy is undeniable, and whether you’ve been a longtime fan, or are new to their music, it won’t take long in seeing them live to become a part of the party that happens during their concerts. The best part? The band members are just as much a part of that party as anyone in the audience, jumping and singing and dancing right along with everyone.

Walk The Moon has made it a priority to stay true to themselves, and their longtime fans, and that rings true every time they step onto the stage in front of a crowd, to make sure everyone involved is having the time of their lives.

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