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Alternative rap. Think about that for a second: Alternative. Rap. Those aren’t exactly two genres of music we often think of together, or even dare to put in the same category. Thankfully Skizzy Mars has looked past the borders of genres altogether, and has brought Alternative Rap to the forefront of his own style. One could argue upon listening to a few of his songs that he tosses in a variety of different genres into his music, but that’s all up to interpretation. Whatever category or subcategory you might choose for Skizzy Mars’ music, however, the important thing to recognize is that he is quickly becoming a clear standout in just about all of them.

Myles Mills is Skizzy Mars himself, a young man from Manhattan who shares his inspiration of the life surrounding him in his music. While his debut album, Alone Together hasn’t even been released yet, Skizzy is making a name for himself the old fashioned way – through a unique talent showcased over and over again through performances.

His words are quintessentially young, urban, and relatable, especially to those who have grown up in, or experienced the city life. That unique way of relating to people through his music has already created a ton of buzz around the few singles and pieces of songs Skizzy has released ahead of his album, including several music videos that have gotten him incredible notoriety and a huge growth in popularity.

Of course, that relatability also shines through in Skizzy Mars’ live performances, combining an expertly-infused mixture of rap, electronic, R&B, and a myriad of other genres together in a way that almost everyone can find something about it to enjoy. Whether you’re dancing along to one of his upbeat songs about coming home late from the club one night, or feeling the power behind songs like “I’m Ready,” Skizzy has bridged the gap for music genres through his studio sound and the way he connects to, and interacts with live audiences.

You don’t have to be from New York, or even from a big city to understand and appreciate the messages Skizzy Mars is trying to convey, whether they’re about late nights or problems of everyday life, that same bridge he’s created has paved the way for an entire new style to emerge, and it’s one that can relate to just about anyone on a personal level. Skizzy only capitalizes on that when you can see the passion and determination in his words at every single show. Though his debut album will undoubtedly be worth every penny, seeing Skizzy live will be a rollercoaster you’ll never want to forget!

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