Randy Houser is a country music artist and lyricist of America. He Signed for Universal South Records back in the year 2008, he came up with the single “Anything Goes”.

In 1992, Reel Big Fish band was first formed in California, USA. Currently they are Aaron Barrett as the guitarist and the lead vocalist, Billy Kottage as the backing vocalist and the trombone, Matt Appleton as the Saxophonist and vocalist, Edward Larsen as the drummer and backing vocalist, John Christianson as the backing vocalist and trumpet, Derek Gibbs as the bass guitarist.

New Found Glory or NFG is an American punk-pop band. They are from South Florida. The band has four active members and they are Jordan Pundik as the vocalist, Chad Gilbert as the guitarist, Ian Grushka as bassist and Cyrus Bolooki as the drummer.

Steve Aoki is an American musician, record producer and music executive. He is widely known as a musician. He is an electro house musician. Aoki was entitled as the highest grossing dance icon by the PollStar in 2012.

Gabriel Iglesias is an American-born comedian, voice actor, producer, writer and an actor. He is also famous for his shows called “I Am Not Fat, I Am Fluffy and Hot & Fluffy”. His another nickname is fluffy that he got from his show. For his amazing humor, he has got the title “Comedy Genius” from Hector Saldana from the San Antonio Express-News.

Excision is the name of a famous Canadian DJ Jeff Abel. He is a renowned DJ and a music producer. In the stage, he is known as “Excision”. He has worked for many Canadian dubstep artists like Datsik, Downlink and Dutch producer Dion Timmer. Excision aka Jeff Abel is also the founder of Rottun Recordings. Jeff was active in the year of 2004.

Ellie Goulding’s voice strikes the soul like lightening and appeals like pleasure. Her dynamism of style invokes the climax of satisfaction. She’s been on fire ever since she was 9 (when she started playing the clarinet) till 2009 when she met her record producers and got signed with the Polydor Records.

The Blossom Music Center is an amphitheatre located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, the summer home of the Cleveland Orchestra, which performs its annual Blossom Festival there.

The Madison Square Garden is just the right place for the perfect blend of sports and entertainment; for you. Otherwise referred to as MSG or The Garden, it is a multipurpose indoor arena in Manhattan, New York, a venue for professional basketball, ice hockey, as well as boxing, concerts, ice shows, circuses, professional wrestling and other forms of sports and entertainment.

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