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Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel Iglesias

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Gabriel Iglesias – Bio

Gabriel Iglesias is an American-born comedian, voice actor, producer, writer and an actor. He is also famous for his shows called “I Am Not Fat, I Am Fluffy and Hot & Fluffy”. His other nickname is fluffy that he got from his show. For his amazing humor, he has got the title “Comedy Genius” from Hector Saldana from the San Antonio Express-News.

Gabriel Iglesias was born in San Diego, California in 1976. He is a half Mexican and the youngest child of his Mother. Iglesias was spending most of his time in Long Beach. Before moving into the Long Beach he used to live in Riverside, Corona, Santa Ana, Compton any probably many other places.

He started his career as an employee before he starts as a comedian. He used to work for a Cell Phone company in LA. He was not so impressed with the job at all. He wanted to give his comedian entity a new name. He wanted to start a career as a comedian. However, is family did not agree with it and suggested him to stay with the job he was doing, for a strong financial security. Iglesias finally decided to be a comedian. This one decision has caused him an immediate eviction from his family and also lost his car. His first TV appearance was in the Nickelodeon Sketch Comedy series “All that”. He appeared in season 6. In 2007, he started his career as a successful voice actor. He voiced the 6th season of the famous animated series Family Guy. He also voiced in Disney’s animated series The Emperor’s New School.

In 2006, he participated in the reality TV series called “The Last Comic Standing”. He was doing well and got into the last 8 survivors. But unfortunately he was disqualified for an unusual scenario he occurred. He smuggled a phone to contact with his family and it violated the rules of the show.

In 2009, a DVD was released by the Comedy Central, and the name of the DVD was “I Am Not Fat, I Am Fluffy” back in 2009. In the same year, Iglesias got a chance to produce and host a show called “Stand-Up Revolution presented by Gabriel Iglesias”, which was debuted by Comedy Central. At that time, Hector Saldana praised Iglesias and the other comedian of that show. Saldana titled Iglesias as the “Comedy Genius”. He was also appeared as the guest host and hosted around 6 episodes of “Equal Three”. He was the only guest host who hosted the show that much. In 2012, he also appeared as the guest on a YouTube show called “Epic Meal Time”. In “Magic Mike” movie, he played a role of a drug dealer and a strip club Dj in 2012. Iglesias is a down to earth person. He also raised $5,000 for a non-profit organization called Operation H.O.P.E. He was also awarded for his contribution to the organization.

So, this is the brief bio of a great comedian, actor, writer, producer Gabriel Iglesias. Hope, you have known a lot of things about this multi-talented comedian.

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