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The Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl

About The Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood bowl, home of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra is owned by the County of Los Angeles. It hosts hundreds of musical events every year. It is a naturally beautiful amphitheatre located in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, California. If you ever find yourself in Los Angeles or simply somewhere around this place, you need to stop and check it out. The Hollywood Bowl also a great bowling centre is just the place to be for your parties, special, social or corporate event. It is perfect for your all round fun and entertainment, especially where children are involved. It is that great venue for that special day and just as you like it too. The “bowl” is given for the hillside concave shape where the amphitheatre is built into. The Hollywood Bowl is the summer home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic


Known for its band shell; a distinctive set of graceful concentric arches , the Hollywood bowl is easily accessible; located just where you can find it. It is situated at 2301, the North Highland Avenue, North of Hollywood Boulevard and the Hollywood/Highland subway station and south of Route 101. It is set against the backdrop of the Hollywood Hills and the famous Hollywood Sign to the Northeast.


The Hollywood Bowl apart from the amphitheatre for musical concerts and performances has great facilities to offer for your maximum pleasure. The stadium setting is great; you’ll get a good view from anywhere. It has a super sound system that allows for a balanced audio, no matter your location in the audience. There are ten state-of-the-art pin bowling centres that have a minimum of 16 lanes for relaxation and recreation. It also has a museum that features photographs, audio and video recordings, memorabilia and artefacts about the history of the Hollywood Bowl and performances. The museum also includes the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame. The restrooms are adequate.


There’s a whole lot to choose from in the Hollywood Bowl. Choice food and drinks are available and can be brought up to your bowling lane if you so desire. There is a diner and a bar for your meals and drinks. Music never stops here, and there are also a lot of games to keep you in high spirits. And don’t forget all the great music and games. The Bowl offers expert services at keeping children entertained and secure, at no extra cost, while parents get to relax.


You get the best of fun, entertainment and refreshment at the Hollywood bowl. There are a whole range of choice packages with great prices during the day, and special prices for concessions. The prices are so affordable that you will love them and definitely want to come again.

The Hollywood Bowl is not just for entertainment, they can also take the stress of you by helping you to plan for that special event, at a reasonable price too. All you have to do is call…

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