The Observatory Santa Ana

Thrice - Anthology - Observatory Santa Ana

Thrice – Anthology – Observatory Santa Ana

About The Observatory Santa Ana

If you are very particular about music; concerts, musical performances, great live music or just some good old jamz, the Observatory, Santa Ana, should be first on your list. This venue is lushly designed for delivering the best kind of musical entertainment you can ever want, you will not be disappointed. The next time you’re in town or just thinking about a great musical place to be, think of the OBSERVATORY, Santa Ana. It is perfect in the following ways;


The Observatory, Santa Ana which plays hosts to many popular acts, is located technically in Santa Ana, off Harbor Boulevard, on the Costa Mesa border; the southern edge of Santa Ana. It stands out as a venue and so can be easily found in the industrial area, close to the 405FWY; just behind a health centre. The location serves as a great advantage because it is easy to locate from both ends and saves you trips to far away venues in LA or Pomona.


With a 550 main stage capacity, the observatory, Santa Ana, is big enough to accommodate you, yet small enough to give you that great intimate setting. A smaller venue within the Observatory is the constellation room that has a capacity for 300 people which is great for small touring bands and local performances. It is a really choice venue for you to see your choice artists.


The Observatory is set up in a really charming way. The stage is centred, with levels facing it and a balcony that overlooks it; making it look like a mini Vegas. The stage is pretty close up and you can see it from anywhere in the room. There are special lighting effects as you desire and a great sound system too, for the best sounds ever. It has multiple rooms, both indoors and outdoors and multiple bathrooms too. There are enough bars to go round, about 7 bars actually. That’s like a bar in every room, so no unnecessary crowding or queuing to get a drink. There’s free parking also, which is limited if you don’t come very early. That’s not a problem though as there’s another designated lot for parking just a block away, for a token of $10. The upside to this is that your vehicle doesn’t stand a chance of being towed; neither do you get to be fined.


This venue is really affordable. The tickets are reasonably priced, especially for general admission. There’s also the possibility of limited VIP options that depends on who’s performing. For parking, you get to pay a token of $10 for a parking ticket which is really optional, depending on how early you get there. All in all, The Observatory, Santa Ana is a pocket friendly place to be.

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